What we offer our Customers


  • Planning and on-site direction for sustainably-powered electrical systems
  • Consultancy and feasibility studies for sustainably-powered electrical systems
  • Management of authorisation processes for sustainably-powered electrical systems
  • Relamping
  • Project management for combined heat & power installations
  • Consultancy for accessing promotional energy tariffs


  • Building planning for low energy consumption
  • Architectural and green architectural planning
  • Removal of architectural obstacles
  • Restoration and remodelling of listed properties and superintendence procedures
  • Topographical surveys and boundary practices
  • Planning for structures in reinforced concrete, steel, wood and masonry
  • Seismic vulnerability survey
  • Integrated planning/li>
  • Procedures for tax relief of up to 50% on remodelling and 65% on energy re-categorisation


  • Authorisation procedures: SCIA, SCIAP, DIA, CIA, PdC (obtaining permission to build), obtaining permissions from registered superintendents
  • Boundary supervision: obtaining boundary permissions, division of land, DOCFA software package
  • Property valuation (International Evaluation Standard)
  • Guidance on obtaining promotional incentives for remodelling
  • Obtaining parity for all services
  • Obtaining opinion services conference
  • VVF practices, issuing fireproofing certification
  • ASI and ARPA standards


  • Electrical systems checks
  • Electrical appliance testing
  • Solar cell testing
  • Estimates of electrical energy quality
  • Testing for sprinkler and fire systems
  • Monitoring and investigation of structures
  • Diagnosis of building energy consumption
  • Thermography
  • Blower door test


  • Consultation for the CasaClima energy certificate
  • Consultation for the environmental building standard certificate (ITACA, LEED)
  • CENED energy certification


  • Procedures associated with the Italian Rural Development Programme (Programma di Sviluppo Rurale PSR)
  • Boundary surveys and establishing confines
  • Overseeing administrative projects for agricultural green energy projects
  • Authorisation for hydraulic projects
  • Estimates and surveys


  • PSC: safety plan and coordination